The Vital Partnership of Content and SEO


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Both content marketing and SEO are important in the digital media industry. However, too often they are separate entities but should be something that work collectively. We will take a look at how you can integrate the two approaches to make sure that you are getting the best possible results.


Content Marketing – What is it?

Marketing is content that is created and promoted to help the reader and in some cases it’s there just for entertainment reasons.


SEO- What is it?

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation is a way of getting traffic from natural, organic and free search results from the search engines.



Marketing is about to being in the right place at the right time. These days if we have a question we head to Google. But when it comes to content marketing, many of us turn to email or social media. Although these methods are powerful, you’re relying on your prospective customer receiving this message at the exact point that they are looking for a service/product such as professional blog writing services. It’s clear why this isn’t as powerful as search engine marketing as we know that this information is seen at the point when a potential customer is searching for your service/product.

So, the best plan of action is to have your content found on google at the right time and place and what’s more, it doesn’t come with a cost for each click. We will provide you with two ways of how to get your content marketing found by Google?

  1. Build the authority of your published content and your own site.
  2. Publish content on a site which has high authority so that it ranks well naturally.

Both of these options have advantages. If you can drive people to your own website, you can see the benefits of this for brand awareness as well as the fact that you then have more control of what your next steps will be i.e. lead generation, remarketing, social, email etc.

Publishing content on a 3rd party site is easy, fast and gives you credibility.




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The Small Business Guide to SEO



In this article we will take a look at how a small business can use SEO to promote their products/ services and make sure that you rank as high as possible in search page results.


On Page Optimisation

When someone types a question into a search bar, the search engine crawls the web to locate the most relevant pages. You need to optimise pages on your website to make sure that your website ranks as high as possible. What you need to do is:


–          Optimise using the right keywords

–          Make sure your URL is short and self-explanatory.

–          Your webpage needs to describe your content clearly.



Make sure that the content you create is of high quality and that it draws links from other sites, which means that your site will rank higher in searches.

Focus on content that is timeless and will keep visitors coming back to your site. Remember that you are writing content for your readers and not for a search engine, so avoid filling it up with keywords. For example, if you offer website management services, write posts such as ‘Top 5 reasons why you need management services for your website’


Link Building

Within your content, use relevant links and link to external sources which are reliable. Perhaps use 1 to 2 links per page as this will help your sites trustworthiness.

Link to internal pages of your own site where relevant as this improves navigation, as well as user experience.

Try and get some backlinks to your site. This means other sites linking to your sites. Ask friends, customers, suppliers etc. to link to your site as this will help to improve your rankings as well as build authority for your site. What is important is that you focus on relevant and qualitative links. For example, if you are a beautician you don’t want links from an electrician as this can have a negative impact on your ranking.

A final point is to make sure that you monitor your traffic so that you know your efforts are actually working for you. Google Analytics for example can provide you with information related to how customers behave on your site, as well as how many visits you receive.





Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

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You need an SEO strategy in order for your business to succeed. We take a look at five aspects that you need to consider to ensure that your site is performing as it should be.


If you don’t have a strategy in place, your efforts may be wasted. In order to effectively market your products and site to your customers you need to think like a customer. After all, if you don’t understand what your customers want, you will not be able to target them effectively.


Even though SEO is techy and data driven, there is an aspect of creativity to bear in mind. It doesn’t matter how good your technical optimisation is if your content is not creative and you will find that you won’t attract or keep your visitors. Create content that is unique and high in quality to make sure that your visitors are engaged. Bear in mind that every industry has its own tone/voice so the content that you create needs to be tailored to suit your audience and not be generic. It may be worth contacting professional copywriting services for more advice here if you’re unsure of how to achieve this.


An important aspect to work on when it comes to your site is the technical on page optimisation. You need to be effectively managing content updates, domain migrations and redirects. The navigation on your site need to be hierarchical and clear and content needs to be unique.


Relationships are key when it comes to marketing. It’s no different when it comes to search marketing and you need to create meaningful relationships with customers are other domains which are relevant. The aim is to develop relationships with publishers and writers so that they place relevant links to your website. Inbound links are also a great option for SEO.


Make sure that you analyse and check what’s successful and what’s not working so well where your activities are concerned. This way you can amend your strategies where necessary. Google Analytics is a great way of tracking this progress.




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