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Crime scene cleanup companies specialize in sanitizing and cleaning homes, business and cars after industrial accidents, suicides, homicides and other types of traumas while showing compassion to the people receiving their services. They serve as second responders and their main goal is to make it easier for families to recover by helping them with the task of cleaning up and making sure they return to a home that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


Roles of Crime Scene Cleaners

A crime scene cleanup service goes beyond cleaning. It completely sanitizes the areas that have been affected by using special cleaning products and agents. Cleanup companies have the ability to deal with situations that conventional cleaning service providers cannot. These situations include the following.

  • Tear gas- Tear gas may be used by law enforcers at a crime scene and can be very hard to clean later on. Under these conditions a building is not safe and should never be inhabited before all the chemicals are cleared away.
  • Unattended death- Unattended death is among the most challenging circumstances that crime scene cleaners contend with. People often underestimate the adverse effects that unattended deaths can have on a home. They may not realize that it can affect the wellbeing and safety of future occupants when complete restoration is not implemented.
  • Accident and suicide cleanup- Cleaning up different forms of biological matter and blood should always be handed cautiously. Unlike typical cleaning crews, crime scene cleanup companies possess the knowledge and tools they need to handle a scene safely and thoroughly. Visit the site for cheap crime scene cleanup in Houston.

Safety and Health Requirements

There are guidelines, regulations and restrictions that crime scene staff is required to follow to ensure public safety and health. Various authoritative agencies oversee these protocols. Technicians should be committed, highly trained and compassionate.


Attributes of Cleanup Technicians

  • Crime scene cleaners encounter different difficult and tragic circumstances. Cleanup technicians have been trained to offer the right amount of reassurance and support while they remain professionally focused to ensure they get the job done.
  • Dedicated second responders should be available when families need them. Employees are willing to provide emergency services throughout the year.
  • Cleaning up a crime scene is a highly demanding task and technicians are able to wear appropriate protective equipment that includes multiple pairs of gloves and a face mask. Protective equipment that is designed to give greater protection than a regular rain jacket is worn during cleanups to protect against hazards and minimize exposure that can cause injury.
  • Employees regularly demonstrate problem solving skills are willing to follow the right procedures and policies.
  • Crime scene cleaners require qualities such as a sympathetic nature and the ability to detach from the work they do. The job can be emotional and cleaners tread on the fine line between sensitivity and detachment.



Training involves learning proper safety procedures, characteristics and dangers of handling bodily fluids. Cleaners also need to be aware of how to properly use protective gear as well as how to safely and legally transport and dispose of hazardous waste. This type of work can be sporadic but cleaners need to available on a rapid response basis. Crime scene cleanup is mentally and physically demanding work with constant exposure to graphic, emotional and sensitive situations.





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