Top Home Improvements for this Summer Season



Get ready for the heat wave. Whether it’s your favorite season or not, summer is coming and in some places it feels like it’s already here. With the hottest season of the year often comes a list of home improvements every homeowner wishes to tackle. Some tasks may be those you hire professionals to help with, while others have do-it-yourself written all over them.

People all over the country make an effort to get the most of the warmer months by enjoying their homes and properties as much as possible before winter creeps back in. Grab a fresh, cold glass of lemonade, or sweet tea, or iced coffee, or your beverage of choice and see if any of the items on your summer to-do list are listed among the top home improvements for the upcoming season.


Build a deck or expand your current deck’s footprint.

Nothing provides the best of both worlds for relaxing and entertaining like that of a deck off the back of your home. As a fairly straightforward improvement, deck construction always ensures you’ll get the biggest return on your investment, and the biggest impact as far as practicality is concerned. Decks are a space where family and friends can gather, or it can be a place where you retreat once the kids are tucked in and the heat of the day has settled.

Regardless of how you use it or when you use it, the fact remains that decks are an easy home improvement that sits at the top of everyone’s list. If you wish to take your deck to the next level, install an outdoor kitchen. It doesn’t have to be large to be successful; a small kitchen and grill area is all you need to make the most of warm nights.


Power wash all outdoor surfaces.

Since spring is on its way out and summer is on its way in, now is the perfect time to wash away all the pollen and pesky coat from the colder months. Pressure washing the outside of your home including sidewalks, decks, and patios, is a quick way to breathe life into your property.

Similar to how we feel after a fresh bath, looking and smelling our best, a power wash can do the same for your home. Walkways are brighter and more defined, vinyl siding and brick appear to be new again, and decks are free of Mother Nature’s debris.

When tackling this home improvement yourself, make sure to read and follow all necessary instructions regarding proper technique for power washing to prevent damage.


Upgrade your air conditioning for a retreat from the heat.

An air conditioning upgrade is the perfect treat during the summer months. Whether you had central air installed in your home or are thinking of having it installed, explore the option of upgrading to an energy efficient condenser that will save money on your energy bill.

Nothing says rest and relaxation like cool air that doesn’t make a dent in your wallet. If your home uses a traditional AC system or window units, they may be working harder than you realize to keep your home cool. Now is a good time to consider installing a ductless system that cools your home faster without working as hard.


Create a space for the kids.

While installing a pool is more of a wish list item than a home improvement item, don’t forget about the kids and what keeps them busy in summer. Since our children are out of school during the summer months, it’s important to keep them active. Designating a space specifically for them will ensure they’re not in and out of the house throughout the day.

Sure, they can enjoy the deck and air conditioned spaces just like the adults do, but we were all kids once and know the importance of having our own area to explore. A playhouse or trampoline, or a fun seating area somewhere on the deck or in the yard, is an easy improvement that incorporates their use of your home as well.

There are numerous improvements for any home and they change with the seasons. By taking advantage of the warmer weather and checking a few off your list while you can, you will get the most enjoyment during your downtime. Cheers to the loud laughs, cool refreshments, and warm nights that come with summer.


About Joanne Aubuchon

Joanne is a resident writer for SERVIZ, an on-demand home services company offering everything from Plumbing repairs to Carpet Cleaning across the US. Joanne is a writer by day and reader by night. Joanne loves writing about saving money, raising kids and improving the quality of our lives. When she is not writing, you can find her trying out new salad recipes, playing ball with her kids, or cheering in the stands at her son’s soccer games.




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Making a Clinical Negligence Claim – Where do you start?


study law

You may be entitled to take legal action to receive compensation in the manner that you’ve been injured from negligent medical treatment, for instance. Clinical negligence claims can be made for a variety of reasons.

If you’re the next of kin of someone who has either died as a result of negligent medical treatment or are unable to take legal action themselves because they don’t have the capacity, you can take legal action for compensation on their behalf. You don’t need to be the person directly affected, which is a misjudgment of many.

This guide by Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm can help people when they wish to make a medical negligence claim and lays out the necessary steps you must consider…


Considering your claim

The the sum of the clinical negligence payments which are being made across the UK have always been a concern for medical experts.

Senior members making up the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association and the NHS Confederation stated in a letter to justice secretary David Gauke that the costs of these payments are now close to double those recorded in 2011. They also calculated that if all claims which are currently in progress were to be paid out, then it would cost £65 billion. This is a sum which they fear could bankrupt the NHS and so have requested caps on compensation payments to be put into effect.

NHS Confederation’s chief executive Niall Dickson said: “We fully accept there must be reasonable compensation for patients harmed through clinical negligence. Yet this must be balanced against society’s ability to pay.”


Can you determine that you’ve definitely suffered as a result of clinical negligence?

There are certainly instances when patients are harmed as a result of clinical negligence and are therefore entitled to a reasonable amount of compensation as Mr Dickson states. Answer yes to any of these questions and you may certainly have a case:

  • Did your condition or that of your next of kin not get diagnosed?
  • Did you or a next of kin get the wrong diagnosis for a condition?
  • Was a mistake made during a medical procedure or operation?
  • Were you or your next of kin given the wrong drug for a condition?
  • Did you or your next of kin not get informed consent to treatment?
  • Did you or your next of kin not get warned about the risks which were related to a certain form of treatment?

One thing you must be aware of is that injuries suffered due to medical treatment may not strictly mean that your treatment was negligent. A compensation claim will be brought to order if it’s established ‘on the balance of probability’ that both;

  1. The treatment you or your next of kin received was performed negligently in the manner that the care provided was below medically acceptable standards, and;
  2. The treatment itself directly caused you or your next of kin injury as a result.



If you’re now satisfied that you’ve suffered from clinical negligence yourself or on behalf of a next of kin, here’s some examples of what you can claim for:

  • Compensation for psychological damage.
  • Compensation related to the pain and suffering you or a next of kin have endured.
  • Compensation when you or your next of kin have been unable to perform certain activities or enjoy selected hobbies.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Payments that you or a next of kin have had to make for ongoing treatment.
  • The costs of adapting your home or the property of your next of kin.
  • The costs of any extra care or equipment you or your next of kin may have required.


Clinical negligence claim limits

A very important note however to consider when making a claim, is the time limits which are attached to them.

A legal claim for clinical negligence must begin within three years of the incident in question occurring. This time limit can be extended if any of the below apply to the case:

  1. The victim was unaware that a negligent act had been committed. In this case, the three-year time limit will begin from the date of knowledge that something went wrong.
  2. The victim was a child when the incident occurred. In this case, the three-year time limit will begin on their 18th birthday.
  3. The victim has suffered from a mental disability and has been unable to manage their own affairs. In this case, the three-year time limit will begin once they have fully recovered from the disability. Also in this case, a parent or another individual close to the patient can make a claim on their behalf.
  4. (Linked to point 3) The victim never recovers from a mental disability and is unable to manage their own affairs. In this case, the victim has a lifetime to begin their claim. Also in this case, a parent or another individual close to the patient can make a claim on their behalf.

After reading this guide, If you believe that you have a claim for clinical negligence for yourself or a next of kin, it is recommended that you seek out a solicitor who specialises in such cases. Two recognised panels for these solicitors exist in the UK — those administered by the Action against Medical Accidents charity, and those administered by the Law Society.

We wish you the best of luck with your case.






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Top Features to Look for in an Elderly Home Care Agency



When it comes to getting in-home care for the elderly, it is important that you get the care giver from a home healthcare agency. This gives you the best chance of getting the right person for you. Getting a caregiver is a good idea if you feel that you cannot cope with your day-to-day life. You will welcome the help that you get and have a more comfortable time in your sunset years.

The experience you have will of course stem from the choice of agency you pick. You should therefore take time to find the ideal agency that provides top notch senior caregivers Houston. You can identify the agency using some of the following features:


The values the agency has

The values that the agency has will form the basis of the services it provides. It will inform the actions of the agency in all aspects of the service provision. If the agency approaches its service delivery from an angle that considers the needs of the clients, then it will serve you well. Avoid agencies that have a commercial feel to their service. In most cases, they will not put clients first. They will also have a clinical approach to the whole care bit. The values are important as your caregiver will probably share in the philosophy of the agency. If it does not translate to good care, then you are better off not signing up with the agency.


The services it provides

The agency should provide a wide range of services. This will mean that the agency should be able to take care of the needs that you have based on the services it provides. If you require specialized care, the agency should have the caregivers with the training and expertise needed to handle your needs. The agency should provide personalized services to be of benefit for you. A good agency will ensure the caregiver you get can effectively handle the tasks that relate to your care. This is in terms of training and expertise. If you have unique medical condition that requires specialized care, the agency should provide you with a caregiver whose experience and training can handle this.


Its employment processes

An agency that is looking out for your welfare will have stringent recruiting processes. Such will vet their employees thoroughly before taking them on board. They will also take time to find employees that have the same outlook on care provision. This will give you peace of mind that the caregiver you have will be committed to providing good care. The vetting is beneficial to you in a number of ways. Firstly, you have an assurance of your safety and security of your property. The agency should confirm with state and federal authorities that the persons have no previous record of criminal or negligent behaviour. Secondly, you will get the best care as the caregiver will have the training, skills and experience that suit your needs well.





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Crime Cleanup Specialists- Effective Biohazard Response



Crime scene cleanup companies specialize in sanitizing and cleaning homes, business and cars after industrial accidents, suicides, homicides and other types of traumas while showing compassion to the people receiving their services. They serve as second responders and their main goal is to make it easier for families to recover by helping them with the task of cleaning up and making sure they return to a home that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


Roles of Crime Scene Cleaners

A crime scene cleanup service goes beyond cleaning. It completely sanitizes the areas that have been affected by using special cleaning products and agents. Cleanup companies have the ability to deal with situations that conventional cleaning service providers cannot. These situations include the following.

  • Tear gas- Tear gas may be used by law enforcers at a crime scene and can be very hard to clean later on. Under these conditions a building is not safe and should never be inhabited before all the chemicals are cleared away.
  • Unattended death- Unattended death is among the most challenging circumstances that crime scene cleaners contend with. People often underestimate the adverse effects that unattended deaths can have on a home. They may not realize that it can affect the wellbeing and safety of future occupants when complete restoration is not implemented.
  • Accident and suicide cleanup- Cleaning up different forms of biological matter and blood should always be handed cautiously. Unlike typical cleaning crews, crime scene cleanup companies possess the knowledge and tools they need to handle a scene safely and thoroughly. Visit the site for cheap crime scene cleanup in Houston.

Safety and Health Requirements

There are guidelines, regulations and restrictions that crime scene staff is required to follow to ensure public safety and health. Various authoritative agencies oversee these protocols. Technicians should be committed, highly trained and compassionate.


Attributes of Cleanup Technicians

  • Crime scene cleaners encounter different difficult and tragic circumstances. Cleanup technicians have been trained to offer the right amount of reassurance and support while they remain professionally focused to ensure they get the job done.
  • Dedicated second responders should be available when families need them. Employees are willing to provide emergency services throughout the year.
  • Cleaning up a crime scene is a highly demanding task and technicians are able to wear appropriate protective equipment that includes multiple pairs of gloves and a face mask. Protective equipment that is designed to give greater protection than a regular rain jacket is worn during cleanups to protect against hazards and minimize exposure that can cause injury.
  • Employees regularly demonstrate problem solving skills are willing to follow the right procedures and policies.
  • Crime scene cleaners require qualities such as a sympathetic nature and the ability to detach from the work they do. The job can be emotional and cleaners tread on the fine line between sensitivity and detachment.



Training involves learning proper safety procedures, characteristics and dangers of handling bodily fluids. Cleaners also need to be aware of how to properly use protective gear as well as how to safely and legally transport and dispose of hazardous waste. This type of work can be sporadic but cleaners need to available on a rapid response basis. Crime scene cleanup is mentally and physically demanding work with constant exposure to graphic, emotional and sensitive situations.





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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Fun Boat Party!


For your boat party to be a success, you have to ensure that the food you provide is up to the mark or not. Food is the essential part of any social gatherings, especially parties, specifically boat parties. The food that you serve on a boat party depends not only on the guests who are invited, their tastes and preferences but also on you, whether you choose to throw a theme party or not because in theme parties the food items would have to match the overall theme of the party. Most boat party services give you the offer of providing a dedicated boat staff who will take care of the catering themselves, but you can always choose to hire a third party catering service. In this article, you will learn about the fundamental conditions which you should pay attention to while hiring a catering service for your boat party.



Cost comparison


This one is a given. The agency you choose has to provide you with cost-effective quality service. Always double check and compare with a few other agencies before you decide to hire a particular agency. Try to work out better deals, as in the number of plates of food to be served, number of items per plate and so on. Check if they will also provide beverage services or not.





The variety of food items that the agency can offer has to be checked. In case you decide to hold a theme party, then the food items which are being served would have to reflect that theme. Thus the agency has to be adept at presenting a variety of dishes.




Check out the credentials of the cook and the catering service. You must get reputed, experienced professionals to serve you in the party. Professionalism brings along with it some responsibilities and added advantages. Professional chefs will offer better quality food obviously, and their service will also be better.




Before selecting a particular agency, go to their social media pages. Check for reviews from previous customers. Try to gauge whether the agency has a history of satisfied customers or not. Also listen to word of mouth, people who have firsthand experience of hiring a particular agency and their services. Find out how their experience was, and then decide.

It will still be a good option to choose the boat staff of the boat to arrange the catering, as it will come with a complete package deal. But third-party catering services will offer a more professional and dedicated service. You can visit the online websites to learn more about boat parties London.



The food which you serve in your boat party is of paramount importance; it is a significant aspect which can play a huge part in the success or the failure of your party. Choosing a dedicated catering service can be a good option, but you would have to check for some basic requirements before you hire a particular service. Hopefully, this article would have given you some insight into the fundamentals of choosing a catering service for your boat party.




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